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Box of Books is a digital disruptor in the edutech space. We deliver ebooks and digital resources to staff and students and work hard to keep leading schools at the forefront of digital learning.

School eBooks — A Complete Solution

Digital Book Lists built from any Educational Publisher and self-published School texts. Parents and/or Schools purchase and approve books for the students in their care.

School eBooks — A Complete Solution

Book List

Your School's booklist is just the same as it ever was... only it costs less and weighs less.

Cross Platform BYOD Support

Box of Books eReaders for offline reading, highlighting and note taking are available for iOS (iPhones and iPads), Windows and MacOS.

Single Sign On

That's just one account login to access all your books, regardless of the Publisher. All you need is a school login or email address to get started.

Publisher Interactive

Still get access to every publisher's interactive content. We manage the logins so you don’t have to.

School Support — It Just Works

We work hard to keep leading schools at the forefront of digital learning; let us do the heavy lifting.

School Support — It Just Works

Book Hire or Purchase

Build book lists from our catalogue of educational publishers. Add school-specific texts like guides, term cards or anything else.

Physical and digital texts

Provision all or part of your book list as digital. We work with educational suppliers to deliver mixed models as needed.

Parents or Schools Purchase

Invite parents to purchase books for students online. Or combine with books licensed through the school. Leverage the purchasing model that works for you.

Student Onboarding

Students sign-up all by themselves. Use a single sign-on service (like Google Apps for Education or SAML), school email address or import student records. Whatever works for your IT team.

Robust. Reliable. Supported.

Work with our School Engagement Manager and our dedicated support team to roll-out and adapt our digital tools to meet your requirements.

Roadmap — We Never Stop Innovating

We simplified ebook distribution, took the pain out of student onboarding and enabled access to publisher interactive content. But we’re not about to stop there! Working in the lab on...

Roadmap — We Never Stop Innovating

Flipped Learning

“Flipped Learning” tools to empower teachers to flip the class and introduce digitally assisted pedagogy at the pace you want.

Parent Hub

Giving parents access to work closer with their kids, and complete transparency to allay privacy concerns.

NextGen eReaders

The next generation of eReaders; our work is never finished.


A lot of clever things go on behind the scenes to make Box of Books simple — here's just a few.

Australian Publishers

We supply texts from all the major educational publishers in Australia including Pearsons, Oxford, Cambridge, Jacaranda, Cengage and more.

School Sign-On with SAML

We support any SAML compliant identity provider for School networks. Automate student on-boarding and sign-up using your internal school management system.

School Sign-On with Google

We support Google Apps for Education sign-up and authentication; student on-boarding and sign-up is automatic.

Next Generation eReaders

We're focused on the delivery of digital text books. We provide open and digital rights managed (DRM) eBooks for all major operating systems; including Windows, MacOS and mobile devices.

Single Sign-On for Publishers

Box of Books handles all publishers under a single account. What’s more, we manage access to publisher portals for interactive and supplementary publisher content; including Pearson Places, oDigital, and JacPlus.

Dedicated School Portal

Each school has their own dedicated portal, branded and configured for the school’s specific provisioning needs.

Simple Parent Purchasing

Purchasing for parents is easier when they can shop for both their physical and digital school lists from one website. Purchases are automatically made available for each student.

School Book Licensing

We support school book purchases, whether individually on charged to parents or bulk license purchases direct from publisers. Let us get rid of the “publisher codes” nightmare once and for all.

Blended Physical/Digital Model

We work direct with Education Suppliers to provide mixed model physical and digital books. If your supplier is not a registered partner, let us know and we'll hook them up.

School Provisioning

Box of Books readers are designed to meet a range of BYOD strategies. We’ll ensure the success of provisioning and rolling out apps across the student body.

Start Using Today

Box of Books is available right now for pilot programs. Get in touch to set up a classroom trial.

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