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Box of Books is an Australian owned education technology company based in Sydney

About Box of Books

Our company delivers a world leading proprietary digital platform that brings learning materials to life through an enriched and immersive interface for students and teachers. In a true single sign-on environment, the platform integrates with learning management systems and school information systems to automatically deliver seamless access to learning materials and curriculum support technologies.

Our digital procurement hub provides schools a centralised solution to manage their purchase of learning resources, whether school or parent purchase model. Our goal is to reduce the school admin burden and support their preferred approach to learning resource procurement. We are agnostic as to method of purchase, and whether content is digital or traditional. For schools with a parent purchase model, our simple, intuitive e-commerce solution provides families with rapid and contactless national home delivery.

We have the broadest range of digital and traditional content with over 100 publishers available in our catalogue, including all the major educational publishers. Our school clients have access to this content range because our platform and people are secure and trusted. We also offer a secure platform for niche publishers to digitise their content and broaden the product offering. In addition to providing seamless access to digital texts and publisher content to ensure a true “one-stop shop” for schools and students, our platform seamlessly integrates with curriculum support technologies such as Education Perfect providing a central content hub for all digital education activities.

The company is committed to delivering equity through technology – Box of Books provides every student in Australia access to the best possible learning resources improving educational outcomes independent of specific learning style or requirement, socio-economic status or geographic location. For students without reliable internet at home or in remote communities, our offline eReader allows those students to access their books at home after downloading them at school.

Since commercialisation in 2018 the company has rapidly increased its service footprint in Australian schools with over 250 government, independent and catholic schools across the country now using the service to support their teachers and students every day. Importantly a testament to our commitment to service and the benefits our platform brings to schools is that over 98% of our school clients have retained our services since joining.

We are very proud of the talented and diverse team of technology, education and service professionals located around Australia that work hard each day to support our company’s mission to deliver the best possible experience to every educator, student and family that rely on Box of Books to support their learning goals.

About Box of Books