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Home and School Delivery of Physical Books and Resources

Everyone knows Box of Books has a world leading digital textbook and resources platform but what about physical books and resources?

Box of Books Physical Supply Information

You can be comfortable in the knowledge your school community will be best served by the Box of Books physical fulfilment system:

  • One school point of contact
  • No resellers
  • No excuses
  • Just the best experience for your school and school community no matter where they are in Australia

Box of Books provides schools with a one stop shop solution for both Digital and Physical resources – our platform provides a seamless integration between our technology platform and logistics fulfillment systems to deliver textbooks, stationary packs and school selected specialist items direct to parents or caregivers homes or to your school.

BoB’s book and resource delivery programs are integrated with the most comprehensive logistics supply system in Australia - ensuring orders placed prior to back to school cut offs are delivered on time and before the school year starts:

Depending on the schools purchasing model we provide a comprehensive solution:

Parent Purchase Schools

BoB’s parent purchase ecommerce portal makes the purchasing experience for your parents and caregivers simple and the delivery of texts in line with other e-commerce solutions.

Physical purchases are delivered directly to your nominated address with zero required human interaction - no queuing at a checkout, no lining up with other school families, just a best practice experience for all families, no matter where in Australia they live.

School Purchase Schools

BoB prepares your school’s order and delivers this to the nominated location within your school prior to the commencement of the school year. We also provide comprehensive library solutions for bar coding and book covering.

Blended Purchase Model

Many schools are now taking advantage of the immediate delivery of digital texts into student’s online book box and then providing parents the opportunity to purchase physical texts as desired / required. This model harnesses the best outcomes for each school from the available models – please speak to your regional manager to learn more about how this approach can benefit your school.