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All Saints’ College

All Saints’ College is one of Australia’s leading independent Anglican coeducational Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 schools in the southern suburbs of Perth. It is a non-selective school and currently caters for approximately 1,340 students. In collaboration with a network of partners, the College curates a rich, ‘personalisable’ learning environment in which students develop a deep and authentic, empathetic and ethical perspective.

All Saints College Case Study

All Saints College

We wanted to enhance our eBook offering and further embed the use of digital textbooks so students were able to gain access simply and consistently

Greg Port
Director of Learning Technologies

In the fast-paced digital age, the world of education is constantly evolving. Greg Port, Director of Learning Technologies, recognised the need for a seamless transition from traditional paper-based resources to a more efficient digital paradigm. That's when he approached Box of Books (BoB), seeking a solution that would provide staff and students with easy access to digital resources and textbooks.

Greg's vision was clear: a shift towards a digital-first approach, empowering students to utilise their devices effectively and embrace digital textbooks in the classroom. BoB proved to be the perfect partner to bring this vision to life.

The integration works beautifully.

The benefit is with a product like Wonde, our data lies in one system and that is the source of truth. When we make changes this flows through to our other systems, including Box of Books!

Greg Port
Director of Learning Technologies

What made BoB stand out was their digital-first approach. Unlike the competition, Greg acknowledged “it was clear that Box of Books was built on a tech back-end that aligned perfectly with the school’s environment”. This assurance of seamless integration and utilisation of familiar tools gave Greg the confidence that this partnership would be successful.

BoB's ability to integrate flawlessly with Wonde, a platform used by the school, was another highlight. This integration streamlined administrative processes, saving valuable time and reducing costs.

The team at BoB has been an absolutely awesome support... they were able to have everything up and running by the first day of term!

Greg Port
Director of Learning Technologies

BoB’s platform provided a more efficient booklisting process, which Greg described as “fantastic”. The enhanced experience extended to parents as well, with the e-commerce shop. As the school preferred a combined school-parent-purchase model, BoB could simplify the purchasing process, eliminating the need for passwords, and offering parents the flexibility of print or digital.

Greg knew that IT and classroom learning must work seamlessly when needed. BoB's digital platform delivered precisely that, resulting in positive feedback from the staff and happy students. “The access was better, faster, and the students are really happy with it. When they need the book, they got it!” Greg shared.

Beyond accessibility, BoB's analytics dashboard became a valuable tool for Greg and his team. The parent purchase analytics provided insights into purchasing patterns, while the user uptake dashboard allowed for monitoring of engagement and sign-ins.

Joining forces with BoB not only enhanced the learning experience for students and staff but also relieved the IT team from troubleshooting and technical burdens. "The team at BoB has been an absolutely awesome support!” Greg praised their assistance in getting the school up and running. “Box of Books were able to have everything up and running by day one which we weren’t able to deliver in the past”

Box of Books made it simple and easy for all of our students and staff to access their digital textbooks and resources- it made this process seamless

Greg Port
Director of Learning Technologies

Greg recommends BoB to other schools, recognising how their partnership has simplified and improved the process of accessing digital textbooks and resources. “BoB made it simple and easy for all of our students and staff to access their digital textbooks and resources- it made this process seamless. We would definitely recommend them to other schools and already have!”.

With BoB's seamless digital access and comprehensive support, the school successfully embraced the digital-first approach, opening new avenues of learning for their students and empowering them for the future.